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Super Duplex

Common Name
Related Specification
Alloy 255
Ferralium 255 ®
Zeron 100
Zeron 100 ®
Alloy 2507
SAF 2507 ®


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Bolts: Click on below for specification
  1. Super duplex Eye Bolt
  2. Super duplex Eye Bolt With Shoulder
  3. Super duplex Eye Bolt No Shoulder
  4. Super duplex Turned Eye Bolts
  5. Super duplex Screw Thread Eye Bolt
  6. Super duplex U-bolts
  7. Super duplex Square U-bolts
  8. Super duplex Lag Bolts
  9. Super duplex Bolts and nuts
  10. Super duplex Serrated Flange Bolts
  11. Super duplex Hex Head Bolts
  12. Super duplex All Thread Studs
  1. Super duplex Button Head Bolts
  2. Super duplex Heavy Hex Bolts
  3. Super duplex Square Head Bolts
  4. Super duplex 12-Point Flange Bolts
  5. Super duplex Timber Bolts
  6. Super duplex Jack Bolts
  7. Super duplex Bent Bolts
  8. Super duplex Allen Bolt
  9. Super duplex Long Bolt
  10. Super duplex Carriage Bolts
  11. Super duplex Tap Studs
  1. Super duplex Elevator Bolts
  2. Super duplex Hanger Bolts
  3. Super duplex Hex Machine Bolts
  4. Super duplex Hex Tap Bolts
  5. Super duplex Metric Bolts
  6. Super duplex Plow Bolts
  7. Super duplex Square Head Machine Bolts
  8. Super duplex Step Bolts
  9. Super duplex Structural Bolts
  10. Super duplex Hex Flange Bolt
  1. Super duplex Tee-Hammer Head Bolt
  2. Super duplex Security Anti Theft Bolts
  3. Super duplex Hex Head Bolt With Plain Spring Washer
  4. Super duplex High Strength Structural Bolts
  5. Super duplex Hexagon Bolts for Steel Structures
  6. Super duplex Step Bolts for Steel Structures
  7. Super duplex Stud bolts
  8. Super duplex Double end studs


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